Saturday, January 9, 2010

Granny square bag

If you know how to make a basic granny square you don't really need a pattern to make this bag, but I have written out what I did anyway. If you don't know how to make a granny square, you'll find the directions here.

Make a basic granny square 2 rounds big
On the 3rd round, chain 2 at the corners instead of 3
On the 4th round, make 4 dc in the corner spaces instead of two blocks of 3 dc
On the 5th round, make one 3 dc block in each chain space, chain 2 between all blocks
Repeat the 5th round 8 more times (the "wall" is 9 rows high)
On the 14th round, chain 1 between the blocks instead of 2
On the 15th round, make 2 dc blocks instead of 3 dc, chain 1 between all blocks
On the 16th round, make 3 dc blocks instead of 2 dc, chain 1 between all blocks
On the 17th and last round, chain 2 between all blocks instead of 1
Finish off...

Twist a cord of a single strand of yarn and weave it through the 15th round.

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  1. many many thanks for all !
    I just translate in french
    i love it !
    like mushrooms !



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