Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crocheted chocolate candy

Both of these candies are made with a 4mm crochet hook over the same basic ball pattern. The first is crocheted with two strands of yarn, one dark brown and one beige. The other is crocheted with two strands of dark brown. Change the colors and decorate them in different ways, and you have lots of different candy treats. The wrappers are also the same, but with different colors. One strand of wool/acrylic yarn and one strand of shiny metallic.

Candy pattern:

With 4mm hook and two strands of yarn (the color of your choice),
6 sc in ring
Increase around - 12 sts
*1 sc, inc* six times - 18 sts
Sc around 4 rounds
*1 sc, dec* six times - 12 sts
Stuff firmly
Decrease around - 6 sts
Break yarn, weave end through the front loops of the stitches, pull tight to close up the hole. Weave in all ends. Embroider decorations if you wish, or sew on beads for sprinkles.

Wrapping paper:
With 4mm hook and two strands of yarn,
7 sc in ring
Increase around - 14 sts
*1 sc, inc* seven times - 21
Sc around in BLO
Sc around
*2 sc, inc* seven times - 28
*chain 3, sc in next* around for wavy edge (sl st in last st for a neater finish if you want)
Finish off...
Weave in ends, place candy ball in wrapper, and you're done :)

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